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6 Ways to Save Time on Repairs… That You Might Not Know About

In the repair business, that old familiar saying that “time is money” really is true. So it’s important to have diagnostic and repair information tools close at hand to get a quick start on the correct diagnosis and repair.

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A Clean Mass Air Flow Sensor Restores Lost MPG and Horsepower

With the ever-rising costs of fuel, who can afford to waste even one single drop? But it’s happening to you right now if your vehicle has a dirty mass air flow (MAF) sensor. An MAF sensor constantly measures the amount and density of the air entering the engine so the computer knows how much gasoline to inject into each cylinder. Located after the air filter and ahead of the throttle body, the MAF sensor uses a heated wire (hotwire) or flat film element to measure airflow.

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“Two Steps, One Sticker?”

Beginning March 1, 2015, your vehicle will no longer be issued an inspection sticker and your registration sticker will serve as combined proof of inspection and registration.

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Repair Service

Major & Minor Auto Repairs

We offer complete auto repair services including major and minor repairs as well as complete maintenance services. Our technicians are ASE Certified.

Nitrogen Tire

Save Gas with Nitrogen

Oxygen in a tire provides oxidation which can destroy tires and corrode wheels. Nitrogen filled tires reduces tire heat, decreasing rolling resistance and increasing fuel economy.

Shuttle Service

Courtesy Shuttle Service

We know you depend on your vehicle to get to where you need to go. We offer free shuttle service to or from work or school while your car is being serviced.