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Tube and Hose Repairs

At Absolutely Cool Automotive, we have streamlined our hose making process, decreased our cost and quickened our turnaround time. This all translates to lower, more competitive prices, and less waiting. In most cases a hose can be made in just one hour, in some cases less than that.

Our ability to make fast and inexpensive hoses is not limited to A/C and Power Steering, it is not even limited to just automotive. Anywhere there is a fluid line we can help. The only exception being rubber brake hoses. Our capabilities reach far and wide. From ridged steel brake lines to your hydraulic lift hoses and lines, from oil and transmission coolers to diesel fuel lines, we can meet all of your fluid line needs.

Our equipment is state-of-the-art, and constantly updated. Whether it is tube bending, metal forming, production work, or just hose replacement you need, we have the equipment and means to meet your needs.

The Repair Process
Automotive Repair

First, the old stem is separated
from the old fitting.  

Next, is a machine and buff for a
good clean fit into the new stem.

The machining continues for a
continuous, tight fit into the new stem.

The welding station joins the
two with a 45% silver weld.

Strong as the original metal, the stem
and fitting become one with the strength
of a new fitting.

With this simple process, the repair is kept affordable.

High pressure fluid lines are our specialty. Hydraulic lines are just one of many high pressure applications we cater to. Any form of automotive line can be duplicated with ease at Absolutely Cool Tubes ní Hoses.

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