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Nitrogen Filled Tire Service
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Why should I fill my vehicle's tires with Nitrogen?

  • Maintains Proper Inflation - Nitrogen helps maintain proper tire pressure longer in a tire. Air leaks out of the tire at 3-4 times faster than Nitrogen.
  • Increased Safety - Nitrogen reduces catastrophic blowouts. The #1 reason for the tire blowouts is under inflated tires. A tire can be as much as 50% under inflated and appear to be normal. Nitrogen provides a safer alternative.
  • Fuel Savings - Nitrogen improves fuel economy. The average vehicle will see a 4% mile per gallon improvement; a savings of 3 tanks of gas per year.
  • Longer Tire Life - Nitrogen extends tire life by as much as 20%. Nitrogen provides tire pressure thus giving the driver optimum tire wear.
  • Decreased Wheel Corrosion - Nitrogen is inert and dry and therefore prevents oxidations of rubber, rims, and valve stems.

Does your car have TPMS?

The Tread Act signed in 2000 states that all 2010 model passenger vehicles, trucks and light buses are obligated to have a sensor-based tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS).

If your car has TPMS, then you will want Nitrogen in your car's tires. Air filled tires lose pressure at a rate of 1 psi per month and temperature changes will affect tires pressure. These changes cause warning lights to come on. Nitrogen filled tires lose pressure at a much lower rate; 1 psi every 4 months and Nitrogen is not affected by temperature changes.

Our exclusive fast three step Nitrogen Tire filling service includes:

  1. Tire Deflation - Deflators quickly & simultaneously deflate your tires to atmospheric pressure.
  2. Tire Vacuum - Vacuum System removes more detrimental air & moisture than traditional systems.
  3. Nitrogen Fill - Tires inflated with 100% Nitrogen.

Our money saving nitrogen tire fill program will increase your fuel savings, decrease tire wear and make your vehicle safer for you and your family.

Contact us today to ask about filling your tires with Nitrogen.